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make things in the studio?

The studio runs like a Ceramic school. Since its' conception, it has seen students, interns and designers pursuing their own interests in the material through Residency Workshops, Paid and Un-paid Internships, Studentships, Assistant-ships and Studio renting models.
People employed have been taught the craft techniques for helping create this work by Vivitsa Kohli under the studio label.

Meanwhile, the studio is also used by individuals who independently create work of their own and use the studio as a community space for the same.

Let's start with some significant long-term projects taken up by the studio under its' label -


A Graduation Project is the thesis designers execute to prove their learning of How To Be A Good Designer to their college in pursuit of their B.Des or M.Des. The studio offers paid Graduation Project slots for aspiring ceramicists wherein the brief for their project is planned and facilitated by the studio owner.

2020-02-19 06.48.41 1.jpg

There are openings for this position bi-annually and interested students can apply with a submission of their CV and portfolio to the studio.


April 2021 - November 2021

Shagun is an Undergraduate in Ceramic and Glass Design from NID, Ahmedabad. This project explores her adventure through a surface design technique - Sgraffito. She performed this techqniue upon various tableware and wall decor ceramic forms in Terracotta and Porcelain.

And some short term projects explored in under 4-8 weeks -


Internships are available in both Paid and Unpaid positions. Stipend for an Internship is decided by the pre-existing skill design or art students approach the studio with. The student is given a brief that accomodates their interest field in Ceramic and a project is drafted by Vivitsa that bridges the gap between the skills they already possess and the skills they require to add more nuanced ceramic products to their portfolio. In a Paid Internship, the products produced have a more wholesome review of a designer's skill as they are launched into the market and in the hands of a user. In an Unpaid Internship, the student is given more of a playing field to explore the material foremost, to be able to develop confidence in being able to execute the ideas they have in their mind. This is not treated commercially and only as a collaborative design experience that aids the intern to be more well-versed with the craft.

Some work created by students during month long workshops


The studio offers guidance through a multitude of technique it practices in it's own product lines. This education is provided to students who want to learn about this craft in a dedicated manner, showing up to the studio everyday for a number of hours. Through select months, the studio also offers Residence for people travelling here for this purpose only, but this type of education is also available locally.

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