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Who exactly




Her name is


She started an independent ceramic studio right after she graduated as an Industrial Designer specializing in Ceramic Design from NID in the January of 2019.

so, she's a potter?


A comprehensive understanding of ceramic design involves many fields beyond the material understanding of how to produce ware. You need a kiln for firings, raw materials for making clay and glazes, infrastructure that allows one to perform specific tasks crucial to many techniques. Most of all, you need a functional understanding of how to source, manage, study and create products combining all these tasks simultaneously. All of this can be labelled under the tasks of a potter or a designer or an artist depending on the context.

who cares about labels, basically.

Banana Pattern

What's the studio like?

The studio is a community workspace as well as a multi-disciplinary teaching studio. Students take up long running projects applying the techniques they've learnt through basic courses and produce conceptual and functional ceramic. I use this space to explore ideas I want to introduce to the world. There's a lack of information and knowledge of this craft and material along with its endless possibilities in the Indian design community and culture. I'm trying to bridge the gap between pop culture and artisanal hand-made things, the joy of creating products you can use in your daily life.

Okay, and where is this studio?

It's in the Chandigarh tricity.

do they teach?

More accurately - in Panchkula.
Most accurately - Next to DT Mall(IT Park) and right in front of the Mansa Devi Mandir.

You can find them on Google Maps.

They used to. From Residencies to single session classes, a lot happened in the time the studio functioned as a teaching studio. Vivitsa travels back and forth between her studio in Israel and India. The studio remains open for rent and use by any aspiring potter.

The space has infrastructure available to execute multiple production techniques, a culmination of which you can see in the work displayed in the website stock. It is available for use as per studio rent guidelines available as per request.