WIP - Floral Carved Vase.jpg

Height - 10 inches,  Diameter - 8 inches,  Under-glaze on White Stoneware

Production Time  - 85 hours

This vase stands unparalleled in it's intricacies and attention to detail.

The entire design is first drawn with a pencil tool on a wheel-thrown and trimmed vessel. The design is then carved into giving a relief texture while the visual language is of a multi-layered web of flowers and leaves peeking from behind each other.

After the first fire, the vase is then hand-painted to make the elements look more accurate in it's colour and shade.


Each stroke, each carve, each line flaunts unique treatment as the vase is observed from every angle to be a whole new bouquet arrangement.

Height - 12 inches

Diameter - 9 inches

Under-glaze on White Stoneware

Production Time  - 40 hours

Inspired by a painting series by Nick Alm, this vase captures multiple figures and compositions from a fine ball-room party event.

The vase started out as an experiment on creating a 360° perspective of participants sitting at tables laid out in a room. How does one interpret a 2-D painting on a surface curved both at the x and y axis? This perspective is a loop that grasps your attention every time you look at characters perceived differently from multiple angles.

The ware is wheel-thrown and trimmed - finished for the first firing. Carefully painted with an eye for fine-art and light and shade achieved with delicate 000 brushes and Colorobbia underglazes.