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Measurement Sets

Entirely hand-made and hand-painted, this product is a delight for baking enthusiasts.

We customize patterns on request and personalize the products for your own bakeries or independent adventures.

These are luxury products that are made on demand exactly according to the client's order. They are priced between 4000₹ to 6000₹ based on the complexity of the painting work chosen by the client.

Browse through these products (enlarge to see prices) to understand how the pricing work.

Measurement sets consist of these 8 items -

  1. 1/4th Cup

  2. 1/2th Cup

  3. 2/3rd Cup

  4. 1 Cup

  5. 1/4th Tsp

  6. 1 Tsp

  7. 1/2 Tbsp

  8. 1 Tbsp

Custom Set
Build your own measurement set by filling out these details. This form will record your order and you will be in direct contact with someone through e-mail.


Your budget decides the time and effort we spend on painting your set. So, for example if you pick the colour palette "Blue and White" along with "Florals" in a budget of 4,500₹ we will prepare the pattern in a way that we cater to all these requirements in your budget. The same choices in a budget of 5,500₹ would be painted with more intricacy.

Thanks for submitting!

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