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Set Commissions

Custom Orders

We work on a commission based model and the order placement happens here.
What we need from you is a brief.
What is it that you would like to order? Don't worry if you don't have clarity on this, your vision can be vague and we can work on it together to make it the perfect product that suits your purpose.

Design from scratch
We'll start to define your brief with these questions -

  1. Do you have an exact product in mind with regard to its' function? (eg - Vase, Mug, Tea-set, Nameplate)

  2. Does this product have sub-specifications? (eg - Mug for a large beverage drinker 300ml - 400ml, Vase to hold lots of flowers with a broad mouth instead of a narrow one)

  3. Do you have a texture finish/ Surface design in mind? (eg - Some carving along the edges for embellishment, floral impressions, sgraffito illustrations, blue and white painted flowers)

  4. Do you have a colour palette or glaze specifications in mind? (eg - Dark Blue with Green undertones, High-gloss bright colours, Subtle matte finish, Egg-like texture and whiteness)

Maybe it's something on this vast interweb world that has your attention, maybe its' something you've seen on our IG blog, you can send us whatever you're interested in form of one photo or multiple and describe whether you would like to make something inspired by that or a replica customized to your purpose. We can customize the same sort of visual effect/surface design/shape/form into any product of your choice. For example you can like a certain floral painting on a cup but you'd love a tea-set to be made in the same aesthetic, that means you're at the right place, a Ceramic Design studio. I'll discuss the price details with you accordingly. We also ship everywhere.

Price for ceramic is calculated according to the cost of material involved, makers' time and effort as well as the value of the special skills required to make that product. Costs for material include everything from expensive chemicals and hard-to-source costly infrastructure. Pricing these variables is a difficult task we can only estimate when we have a well-defined project brief in hand.
We understand that customized products are vague in their requirements and it's hard to put a price on something so personal. The same reason why instead of offering a hard non-negotiable quote for your requirement, we first start with offering you a price-range as a quote. This price-range gives you an idea of what cost bracket your requirement falls into and then it is up to you to decide what price in this range would comfortably suit your pocket.
To understand the price range, you simply have to imagine the lowest cost being the minimum it would take to making a product that suits your design with a minimal amount of effort invested into product and design detail. Whereas the maximum price range is to allow for more extravagance and fine attention to detail. More personalizations can be included as we are allowed by the budget and can invest more time into its' production process.

Ceramic is a time-taking pain-staking sort of material to work with. Products go through several production stages spread over weeks and complex design products take even longer as they have to be developed along the way. Custom products take longer than general production because these products are suited to your specific requirements. We give as much freedom as possible to make these products personalized in their surface design, form and dimensions by you.
Production happens in large batches and we work on several projects simultaneously. This is why custom projects are fully prepared in scheduled firing cycles. You can message us your requirement and we will let you know by when it can be ready. It will be no short of 4 weeks, however.

Single Piece Commissions

Place Your Order
This form will record your order and you will be in direct contact with a representative through e-mail. The final order along with the money transfer will initiate after your order is discussed and gets confirmed through our contact.


If you would like to share images for a more accurate presentation of ideas, you can do so in further contact through e-mail once a representative responds to your request.

We have a minimum order value of INR5,000. You can place an order of one item of at a value of 5,000+ or you can have two or more products of a lesser value to reach a total of 5,000+

In case of two or more products that are not a part of the same set, you can fill this form for each product with different specifications.

Thanks for submitting!

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